Friday, 1 July 2011

Fangirl Friday: Korres Body Milk

You know when you pick up a product and fall so hard in love with it you absolutely-must-buy-everything-in-that-smell/range/brand? That's Fangirl Friday.

Korres Body Milk totally deserves to be the inaugral post in this series. I picked up the Cedar scent in TK Maxx based solely on smell and fell in love. The boy has been sucked into my obsession, we totally geeked out in the Korres Store in Prague. When we go away we can share a bottle, knowing it will relieve sunburn, dry skin and act as a light daytime scent.
L-R Jasmine, Basil Lemon, Cedar, Citrus and Spearmint
The texture does seem to vary a little, but I find they all sink into the skin with no residue. The scents are all subtle but have staying power. After a day at work it's still noticeable on my skin.

I love the pump dispenser for the hygiene and minimal packaging. Korres make robust enough bottles that cardboard sleeves are unecessary; they've also changed the pump from the style pictured on the left (Jasmine/Basil Lemon), to those on the right. The pump now locks into place without the need for a clip so is even lighter and more ecofriendly.

Slightly thinner consistency. Smells like a real jasmine plant with slightly creamy and green notes. The only scent in our stash that the boy won't pinch as it's a bit too perfumey.

Basil Lemon
I don't get much basil in this. A light, slightly muted lemon or lemon balm is closer. This smells a bit Jif-like in the bottle but is much softer on the skin.

Smells like freshly cut wood, a little like pine, but less acidic and more earthy. I like to wear this under summer scents to make them a bit more 'serious' and prolong their lifespan into autumn. Definitely the most masculine scent here. This is my second bottle.

I bought this for the boy, but seem to have claimed it back... It's a slightly thicker formula than most of the others, but feels more effective for it. This is a complex citrus; there are grapefruit, kumquat and sweet lime notes as well as the lemon. No cleaning product whiffs here, but is fairly similar to Ralph Lauren Polo Black.

Mint and vanilla. A surprisingly warm scent, but still very clean. Like a light, but supersoft and snuggly white t-shirt. 

For drier skin, the range of body butters is awesome; a tube of 'Guava' sits on my desk at work and is used as a body moisturiser, hand cream, lip balm, hair serum (just the tiniest bit) and general stress relief as it smells like holidays.

All Korres products have a use-by date as they're free from all kinds of preservatives and hideous fillers. They don't test on animals. Ever. My only gripe is that their website sucks. I buy mine through TK Maxx (for around £3.99, woo!) or Asos (for around £9, though it's currently on sale for £6.20). The Debenhams website has a comprehensive range, though I've never seen it instore.

I'd highly recommend picking a bottle up and am kind of kicking myself for telling you about the TK Maxx thing.

Have a great weekend and stay beautiful,

Lucy x

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rimmel 8 Hour Mousse

Evening All,

Hope you've been having fun and playing safe in the crazy sun today; the boy and I had an awesome afternoon bumbling around the back lanes of Oxford and eating yummy dumplings at the noodle bar in Gloucester Green.

I'd planned to do a review of the Rimmel 8 Hour Mousse shadows (£4.99 from Boots) I picked up during a 3 for 2 anyway, a heatwave seemed like perfect timing. There are 9 shades available at the mo, which are essentially blue, purple, or neutrals.

005 Glitz (left), 013 Galaxy (right)

Apologies, but my swatches sucked. I'd recommend having a look at the fabulous 25fLondon's swatches here. It's her fault I bought them anyway :).

It was wayyy too got to be faffing with anything complicated, so I just patted a light layer of 'Glitz' all over the lid and crease, thickened up my lashline with a brown felt tip liner (it's from 17 at Boots, and as you can see has totally disappeared, fail) and finished off with Armani 'Eyes to Kill' mascara.
 Over 8 hours and 31 degrees later, it's still there, crease free. I have previously used a couple of thin layers of mousse to create a deeper colour and had equally good longevity.  It applies 'true to pan' and acts as a decent enough base for powder too.
Now, my application skillz are definitely basic. Not so bad that I scare small children, but not yet suitable for the blogosphere. I can use this. It's easy, works and is quite versatile. I'll be scoping out other shades and wish I'd found this earlier*.

I also busted out one of my many Barry M shades this weekend. The imaginitively named 'Yellow' (134) is rocking my world. It took three coats for full opacity, but applies like a dream. I'm now resisting the urge to buy a Wah nail art pen and draw on smiley faces.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, stay beautiful!

Lucy x

Both bought by me, from Boots.

*Actually, I remember seeing the promo images with Kate Moss sporting Pat-Butcher-blue shadow up to the brow bone and steering well clear of the whole Rimmel Mousse range. Have a  look on this random blog...

Monday, 20 June 2011

I have a confession...

...I'm addicted to beauty blogging. My name is Lucy and I have a problem.

After a hard day at work in my job in Retail, I'm itching for my fix. And what is it? A kiss from my lovely other half*? A wrestle with my dog*? A glass of wine? 

Nope, I can't wait to plonk myself down with a cup of tea and read some of the awesome, inspiring, funny posts that my favourite bloggers have posted. There's a whole list of lovely ladies on my blog list, some of whom I've been following for nearly two years! If I can raise a chuckle, set off the old 'ooh, I'll have a look at that next time in Boots', or at the very least, find a half decent black eyeliner, I'd be pleased to follow in their footsteps.

Ladies, I hope to make you proud!

Lucy x

*No dogs or boyfriends were ignored or otherwise harmed during the writing of this post.