Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rimmel 8 Hour Mousse

Evening All,

Hope you've been having fun and playing safe in the crazy sun today; the boy and I had an awesome afternoon bumbling around the back lanes of Oxford and eating yummy dumplings at the noodle bar in Gloucester Green.

I'd planned to do a review of the Rimmel 8 Hour Mousse shadows (£4.99 from Boots) I picked up during a 3 for 2 anyway, a heatwave seemed like perfect timing. There are 9 shades available at the mo, which are essentially blue, purple, or neutrals.

005 Glitz (left), 013 Galaxy (right)

Apologies, but my swatches sucked. I'd recommend having a look at the fabulous 25fLondon's swatches here. It's her fault I bought them anyway :).

It was wayyy too got to be faffing with anything complicated, so I just patted a light layer of 'Glitz' all over the lid and crease, thickened up my lashline with a brown felt tip liner (it's from 17 at Boots, and as you can see has totally disappeared, fail) and finished off with Armani 'Eyes to Kill' mascara.
 Over 8 hours and 31 degrees later, it's still there, crease free. I have previously used a couple of thin layers of mousse to create a deeper colour and had equally good longevity.  It applies 'true to pan' and acts as a decent enough base for powder too.
Now, my application skillz are definitely basic. Not so bad that I scare small children, but not yet suitable for the blogosphere. I can use this. It's easy, works and is quite versatile. I'll be scoping out other shades and wish I'd found this earlier*.

I also busted out one of my many Barry M shades this weekend. The imaginitively named 'Yellow' (134) is rocking my world. It took three coats for full opacity, but applies like a dream. I'm now resisting the urge to buy a Wah nail art pen and draw on smiley faces.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, stay beautiful!

Lucy x

Both bought by me, from Boots.

*Actually, I remember seeing the promo images with Kate Moss sporting Pat-Butcher-blue shadow up to the brow bone and steering well clear of the whole Rimmel Mousse range. Have a  look on this random blog...

Monday, 20 June 2011

I have a confession...

...I'm addicted to beauty blogging. My name is Lucy and I have a problem.

After a hard day at work in my job in Retail, I'm itching for my fix. And what is it? A kiss from my lovely other half*? A wrestle with my dog*? A glass of wine? 

Nope, I can't wait to plonk myself down with a cup of tea and read some of the awesome, inspiring, funny posts that my favourite bloggers have posted. There's a whole list of lovely ladies on my blog list, some of whom I've been following for nearly two years! If I can raise a chuckle, set off the old 'ooh, I'll have a look at that next time in Boots', or at the very least, find a half decent black eyeliner, I'd be pleased to follow in their footsteps.

Ladies, I hope to make you proud!

Lucy x

*No dogs or boyfriends were ignored or otherwise harmed during the writing of this post.